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Symptoms of traumatic brain injury

Arizona residents who are involved in sudden accidents or crashes may end up with head and brain trauma. Unfortunately, this can lead to brain injuries. Depending on the severity of the incident, the injuries can also range in impact and intensity.

Mayo Clinic examines some of the symptoms for mild brain injury, which generally stems from less severe damage that is easier for the victim to recover from. This can include things like being dizzy or disoriented, rather than losing consciousness. If unconsciousness does occur, it usually lasts seconds to a minute. A victim may also suffer from headache, nausea, and fatigue or drowsiness. They may have trouble sleeping or sleep more than usual. They could also struggle with speech.

BrainLine takes a look at the signs of what could be related to a more severe brain injury. This can indicate heavier damage that may take a longer time to recover from. These injuries also require immediate medical treatment. Potential symptoms can include loss of consciousness or an altered conscious state lasting seconds to hours, unequal dilation of the pupils or doubled vision, loss of balance, slurred speech, and weakness in the limbs. The victim may go into convulsions or seizures. They may also experience the drainage of clear liquid from the nose or ears.

Regardless of severity, brain injuries should be treated seriously. When signs of potential injury appear, it is best to get the victim to a medical facility as quickly as possible to diagnose the damage and begin treatment procedures.

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