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No A grades given to Pima County hospitals

When you step into a hospital, you may want to know whether the institution has been given an A, B, C or D grade when it comes to healthcare safety, negligence and medical errors. This may affect which hospital you visit or whether you drive a further distance to go to an institution that has a higher grade.

A review of Arizona hospitals conducted by Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit organization with a mission to improve healthcare standards, graded hospitals across the country based on medical infections, injuries, errors and accidents that occur in these institutions. None of the medical institutions in Pima County were given an A, just Bs and Cs. More than 2,600 hospitals were graded across the country and 32% of these institutions received an A.

Using the information, the group reported that patients who visit a hospital that was given a D or F grade were 92% more likely to risk avoidable medical errors and death than if they were to visit an A or B grade hospital. They also reported that if all hospitals met the A-grade standards, 50,000 lives would be saved from otherwise preventable medical errors and negligence. This number has decreased substantially from 2016, which shows that medical mistakes are on the decline.

People who suffer an injury at the hands of a trusted medical professional may want to seek legal assistance from a medical malpractice attorney. An attorney may be helpful in getting compensation for your injuries.

Source: Patch, “3 Tucson Hospitals Earn Bs in Patient Safety, No As Awarded,” Brian Hanna, May 15, 2019.  

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