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May 2019 Archives

No A grades given to Pima County hospitals

When you step into a hospital, you may want to know whether the institution has been given an A, B, C or D grade when it comes to healthcare safety, negligence and medical errors. This may affect which hospital you visit or whether you drive a further distance to go to an institution that has a higher grade.

What is the Glasgow Coma Scale?

As the immediate shock that accompanies the news of your loved one having suffered a traumatic brain injury sets in, your thoughts may turn to one question: what is next? Your perception of TBI's may be that whoever suffers them will automatically need constant care throughout the rest of their lives in Pima. The cost of such care can be massive, and the emotional toll that comes from watching a family member or friend suffer through it can be just as devastating. Yet not all TBI's produce this outcome. Oftentimes, you loved one can indeed make a full recovery.