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Wrong diagnosis led to unnecessary surgery

Many people cannot imagine the strong emotions involved when being diagnosed with cancer. You may wonder how advanced the cancer is, what your treatment options are and whether or not you will survive. Now imagine how you would feel if you found out that you were wrongfully diagnosed with cancer, underwent surgery and now suffer irreversible damage due to medical negligence.

This is what happened to an Iowa man who underwent surgery and had his prostate removed due to a medical oversight. The clinic pathologist mixed up the man’s non-cancerous cell sample with another man who had cancerous prostate cells. Due to the mix up, the man was given a wrong diagnosis and was scheduled to have his prostate removed. After having the surgery performed, the clinic discovered the mishap. Consequently, the surgery caused nerve damage and the man is now incontinent and impotent.

The 67-year old man and his wife filed a $15 million lawsuit for damages involved in the unnecessary surgery, as well as the complications that occurred. After the trial, the jury awarded him $12.5 million in damages.

When you put your trust in medical professionals, you rely on them to give you an accurate diagnosis and provide the necessary treatment. If you have been victimized by medical negligence, you may want to contact a medical malpractice attorney regarding your legal options and rights. You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and damages.

Source: azcentral, “Wrong-patient prostate cancer surgery costs medical group $12.25 million in malpractice case, “ Tony Leys, Apr. 5

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