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Women's heart attack symptoms often missed

To many people who live in Arizona, a sudden and intense pain in the chest may well be considered the classic sign that a person is having a heart attack. While this may actually happen in some instances of a heart attack, such check pain does not always present itself in a person who is experiencing a heart attack. In fact, some research has shown that women, in particular, may not exhibit this symptom when having a heart attack.

According to Healthline, the lack of what many consider to be standard heart attack signs in women may well contribute to as many as 50% of women's heart attacks to go undiagnosed or to be incorrectly diagnosed as some other problem. One study found that almost 55% of men who had heart attacks experienced three or more non-chest pain symptoms whereas close to 62% of female heart attack patients displayed at least three signs of non-chest pain.

For the patients with more than three symptoms other than chest pain, doctors told 36% of men that their issues were not related to their hearts. For female patients, doctors ruled their symptoms unrelated to their hearts in 53% of cases.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that heart disease kills more women than any other condition, claiming 25% of all female lives. Some symptoms of heart attacks in women may include pain in the back, stomach, jaw, throat or neck. Women may also feel dizzy or sick to their stomachs when experiencing a heart attack.


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