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February 2019 Archives

Medical errors the nation’s third-most common cause of death

When you feel under the weather and your symptoms do not go away after a few days, chances are, you schedule a visit to your Arizona doctor to find out what is going on and what you can do to improve your condition. Similarly, when you go under the knife or otherwise seek treatment at a hospital, you place the same level of trust in the people treating you, believing that they know what they are doing and that you are in good hands. At the Law Office of JoJene E. Mills, P.C., we understand that health care professionals, like everyone, are not immune to making mistakes, but the mistakes some doctors, nurses and others make can have devastating consequences.

Medication errors by nurses

Doctors are not the only healthcare providers who make medical mistakes. Nurses in Arizona and around the country are often a patient's primary caretaker during the course of a hospital or nursing home stay, and medication errors are common. These mistakes can lead to serious issues, and healthcare facilities should work on improving systems to reduce these types of errors.

Are you able to return to work following a TBI?

If you suffer from a traumatic brain injury, you may be dealing with a wide-range of symptoms that can affect many areas of your life. You may find it difficult to concentrate, remember things, communicate with others, reason, problem-solve and schedule appointments. Furthermore, you may experience physical and psychological limitations, such as muscle weakness, fatigue, vision and auditory problems, depression, anxiety, and impulsivity. All of these things may affect your ability to return to work, or at least the position you held prior to being diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.