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Problems with diagnosing Lyme disease

At the Law Office of JoJene E. Mills, P.C., we know that it can be frustrating when you are sick but you don’t know what’s wrong. With some serious conditions, such as cancer or brain injuries, the results can be devastating if you don’t receive an accurate or timely diagnosis. The same can be true for Arizona residents who are suffering from diseases that are difficult to detect and not widely understood in the medical community, such as Lyme disease.

Lyme disease cases in Arizona are relatively rare compared to many other states, which can complicate diagnosis and treatment. The Lyme Disease Association reported only 168 cases of the tick-borne illness in Arizona between 1990 and 2015, as opposed to 93,481 cases in Pennsylvania during the same period. As you can imagine, doctors who don’t see this disease as often can have difficulty pinpointing what’s wrong or might give a wrong diagnosis.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Lyme disease symptoms often imitate other conditions, as Today explains. The classic Lyme disease symptoms of a bulls-eye rash and joint pain may not present in everyone. Additionally, you might experience other vague symptoms, such as brain fog, breathing problems and fatigue, which might be confused for fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, dementia and other conditions. Your doctor might not have access to accurate testing, might not suspect Lyme disease or may even explain away your pain and discomfort as the common cold or signs of aging.

If you are suffering from Lyme disease, timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial. In one man’s case, it took seven years before he was finally diagnosed with the illness, and he suffers from ongoing autoimmune problems today that may have been prevented with an accurate diagnosis. As our page explains, a prompt diagnosis and efficient treatment are essential for many diseases and conditions.

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