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June 2018 Archives

Miscommunication can lead to misdiagnosis

When people in Arizona make an appointment to see their physician, they expect to be given an accurate diagnosis of their condition. This will help them to receive the treatment they need. There are, however, a high number of incidents where patients are misdiagnosed or are falsely told they do not suffer from a condition at all. Medical misdiagnosis can lead to serious and permanent injury and even death in some cases. Researchers have looked at the factors that cause doctors to misdiagnose patients in an attempt to minimize this type of medical negligence.

What are hospital-acquired infections?

When you become a patient in an Arizona hospital or other health care facility, the last thing you expect is that you will get an infection while there. Nevertheless, that is exactly what you risk, especially if your hospital stay requires time in the intensive care unit where medical professionals treat patients who have the most serious diseases. HealthLine reports that you have a one in ten chance of contracting an HAI every time you are admitted to the hospital.