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Lasting effects of traumatic brain injuries

That NFL offensive linemen and running backs sometimes suffer from concussions seems reasonable. Their heads are getting banged around in their helmets every time they step on the field. Football players are not the only ones who should feel concern about traumatic brain injuries though. From Arizona's youngest residents to its eldest, every person who has ever gotten a bump on the head should be aware of the risk that comes with TBIs. 

BrainLine, which is a TBI online resource center, helps individuals understand how brain injuries impact them in the long run. Many factors play into the long-term effects, including how severe the injury was; how quickly the person received medical care and for how long; and how many resources were available to the injured at the time of the incident.

Some impact victims of TBI may experience involve difficulties in cognitive functioning such as trouble concentrating, problems remembering and challenges putting thoughts into words. They may also find executive roles to be increasingly difficult. For example, someone who used to schedule every minute of the day may, as the result of a TBI, become distressed when trying to make plans in advance.  

For those who have suffered from severe brain trauma, rehabilitation centers provide long-term care. How does one go about finding the best facility for a loved one's needs, though?

The Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona offers some suggestions:

  • Seek out professionals with expertise
  • Ask around for referrals
  • Take a tour before making a decision

BIAAZ also emphasizes trusting intuition. When it comes to a loved one's care, family members' opinions of that care are an unspeakably valuable resource.

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