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When hospitals are understaffed

If you have ever spent time in an Arizona hospital, you may have experienced the nation’s nursing and hospital staff shortage firsthand. Maybe you had to wait more than you should have for a nurse to respond to your call, or perhaps you received a misdiagnosis or the wrong medication because the staff at the hospital had more on its plate than it could realistically handle. At the Law Office of JoJene E. Mills, P.C., we understand the dangers that arise when there are not enough staff members available to cater to patient needs, and we have helped many patients who suffered hardship as a result of understaffing seek appropriate recourse.

Per Healthline, the quality of care patients receive in hospitals tends to decline when there are not enough staff members to handle patient needs. The problem is especially common among nurses, many of whom claim that red tape and bureaucracy often hinder their abilities to perform their jobs and act in the best interests of their patients. For example, some nurses do not have the authority to make certain calls regarding patient care, but many also report not being able to access staff members who do have the authority to make such decisions in a timely manner.

Many nurses also experience low pay, long hours and high-stress environments, all of which can also play a role in the quality of care they are able to administer. In fact, according to one 2013 study, between 210,000 and 440,000 fatalities occur at hospitals every year because of medical errors, many of which could have been avoidable if hospitals had adequate staff monitoring patients and fulfilling their needs.

The problem is also pervasive at nursing homes, according to a separate study. In that study, about 36 percent of nurses reported missing changes in a patient’s condition because of an overly heavy workload, while 47 percent of nurses working in nursing homes made the same claim. More about medical errors is available on our web page.

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