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3 types of cancer physicians miss the most

When you visit your Arizona physician, you probably have faith in his or her ability to diagnose what is ailing you and recommend a course of treatment. Regrettably, however, doctors are not immune to human error, and when physicians make mistakes or overlook symptoms that may indicate a serious problem, the consequences can prove considerable. At the Law Office of JoJene Mills, P.C., we understand how devastating it can be when doctors miss key signs of cancer and other serious medical conditions, and we have helped many clients who find themselves suffering because of such circumstances seek appropriate recourse.

According to Fox News, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis are common problems affecting American patients. So much so, in fact, that about one in every 20 patients who undergo care in outpatient settings are either misdiagnosed, diagnosed too late or not properly diagnosed at all, despite having symptoms indicating a particular condition.

While delayed diagnoses may, in some cases, not have a strong impact on treatment, if your doctor fails to recognize signs that you might be suffering from cancer, it can prove life-threatening. Typically, your chances of successfully beating cancer improve substantially when it is caught early, so if your doctor fails to promptly diagnose certain kinds of cancer, it can have a tremendous effect on your prognosis. Additionally, certain types of cancer, among them breast, colorectal and lung cancer, are missed by doctors more frequently than others.

If you have concerns that you may have received a misdiagnosis, or that your doctor may have missed a serious medical condition, trust your gut. Seek a second opinion, and make sure to keep notes on your symptoms and their frequency so you can report them back accurately during your visit. More about medical malpractice is available on our web page.

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