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February 2018 Archives

3 types of cancer physicians miss the most

When you visit your Arizona physician, you probably have faith in his or her ability to diagnose what is ailing you and recommend a course of treatment. Regrettably, however, doctors are not immune to human error, and when physicians make mistakes or overlook symptoms that may indicate a serious problem, the consequences can prove considerable. At the Law Office of JoJene Mills, P.C., we understand how devastating it can be when doctors miss key signs of cancer and other serious medical conditions, and we have helped many clients who find themselves suffering because of such circumstances seek appropriate recourse.

The catastrophic costs of traumatic brain injury

Arizona residents who become the victim of a traumatic brain injury face not only catastrophic physical and mental consequences, but also catastrophic financial consequences. The Mayo Clinic defines a TBI as an injury to the body, particularly the head, that causes dysfunction of the brain.