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Are emergency room delays dangerous?

You have likely visited an Arizona emergency room and seen how busy it was. In emergency rooms, the most critical patients are seen first. However, when there are a lot of patients to be seen, sometimes even serious situations do not get the attention they require. This can lead to problems and even become a dangerous situation. 

According to The Heritage Foundation, emergency rooms are in a crisis due to too many patients and not enough staff or time to treat them all effectively. Because the law requires emergency rooms to treat any patient that presents for care regardless of ability to pay and due to the health insurance issues in the country, the ER gets flooded by people who cannot visit a regular doctor. 

When an ER becomes overcrowded, it can reduce the ability to treat you effectively and lead to improper care. The overall quality of the care you will get from an ER is often lower than what you would get at another medical facility because the doctors are stretched thin and the wait times are often high. Even if you come in by ambulance, you may face issues. Many ERs have to divert ambulances to other hospitals due to overcrowding. 

To handle the increased patient load, medical staff in ERs have to work longer hours and more shifts. This can lead to overworking, which in turn means more stress and less ability to focus. Some may be fatigued, which can affect their abilities to properly treat you. This information is for education only and is not intended to be legal advice. 

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