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The problem with a mental health misdiagnosis

While a misdiagnosis of any type can be dangerous to your health, mistakes in the area of your mental health can have severe consequences. These errors can also be fairly common in Arizona, since your emotional and psychological state can be strongly affected by the events that happened during the day and how you felt about them. If you have been a victim of a mental health misdiagnosis and suffered these side effects, we at the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills can fight for your rights and ensure you are given the compensation you deserve.

According to Sovereign Health Group, one of the biggest problems with mistakes made during the diagnosis of mental health conditions is that your issues will not be resolved. Since most people wait till their issues are severe before visiting a doctor, you are likely at a point where you really need help. Many who are misdiagnosed and do not feel their symptoms improving will lose hope and feel like there is no help for them. 

Another issue is that the wrong medicine can do more than just not help your condition; it may even make it worse. Receiving medicine for depression when you really have bipolar disorder can actually trigger you to have a manic episode.

Medicine errors are not the only problem that can be worsened with misdiagnosis; you may also be negatively affected by receiving incorrect treatments. For more information on the consequences that can occur when you receive a mental health misdiagnosis, please visit our web page.

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