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Different types of brain injuries

When Arizona residents consider brain injuries, they may think about minor wounds such as concussions. However, brain injuries come in a variety of forms and may have different effects upon a person's brain.

People may incur a brain injury because of a lack of oxygen. says that this kind of wound is called hypoxia, and this can be incurred even if people still have some oxygen flowing to their brain. While the brain still recieves oxygen, it is usually not enough, and this can cause brain cells to die. Hematoma is another kind of brain injury. This is typically incurred if a blood vessel has been harmed, causing a bleed in a person's brain.

Fractures may also be the cause of a brain injury. The Brain Injury Association of America says that tissue can be harmed if an object punctures the skull or if the broken pieces put pressure on the brain. People may develop problems with their hearing if they have a skull fracture near their ears, and blood vessels can be harmed if the skull's base is broken.

While a brain injury can have serious ramifications for people, the consequences of a second wound can sometimes last longer. This is especially the case if someone experiences recurrent traumatic brain injury. This means that someone is still healing from the first injury when the second wound is incurred. After experiencing this additional injury, some people may find that it is hard to learn new concepts or that their emotions change quickly. These lingering effects can occur because a second injury sometimes results in more harm to the brain, even if someone does not lose consciousness.

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