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Why bipolar disorder is difficult to diagnose

If you are struggling with a mental health concerns in Arizona, you may be surprised to find that many doctors do not correctly diagnose bipolar disorder. Receiving an incorrect diagnosis can lead to additional problems that can occur when you are not receiving proper treatment. We at the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills are here to help you fight for your rights if you have been incorrectly diagnosed and ensure that you receive the compensation and care that you deserve.


Pyschology Today reports that bipolar disorder can take between ten and twelve years to correctly diagnose after the initial onset of symptoms. Part of the reason for this is that there are no biologically-based or genetic tests available that can offer a sure diagnosis. Another problem is that symptoms may exhibit differently and in varying patterns between each individual, meaning that you could have completely unique symptoms from other sufferers.


Another problem is that many signs of bipolar disorder may be confused with other diagnoses. Some of the most commonly mistaken disorders include attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, unipolar depression and personality disorders, such as narcissism.


Many doctors will evaluate you during an initial consultation and begin to determine what they believe the correct diagnosis will be. Part of the problem with this approach is that it only offers a snapshot of your behavior and symptoms. Your mood state can change drastically over the day, but a professional will only see part of that during an interview. For more information on failed diagnoses, please visit our web page.

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