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The 2 most common reasons patients sue doctors

If you are an Arizona resident who has ever questioned whether what your physician was telling you was the absolute truth, you are not alone. Despite their considerable training, medical professionals are not immune to error, but when lives are on the line, they have a duty to “do no harm” and do everything possible to give you an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. At the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills, PC, we have a firm understanding of the reasons patients often sue doctors and hospitals, and we have helped many victims of misdiagnoses and other medical errors seek recourse.

Nowadays, the single-most common reason patients sue doctors is because the medical professionals fail to properly diagnose a condition. Per Live Science, the problem is so prevalent that it is a factor in as many of 63 percent of medical malpractice claims across the United States, Canada, Australia and France. Furthermore, some conditions were more likely to go unseen by doctors and hospital staff than others. Among children, meningitis was the most commonly missed disease, while physicians were most likely to miss identifying cases of heart attacks and cancer among adults.

If you are a woman who suffered a heart attack, your odds of a misdiagnosis may be greater than if you are a man. This is likely due in part to the fact that the symptoms of a heart attack in women are not always overt. For example, many men who suffer heart attacks share the same identifiable symptoms, such as pain in their arms, while women are more likely to have symptoms such as gastrointestinal distress, which may suggest non-heart-related problems. 

The second-most common reason patients today are suing their doctors and hospitals is because of issues involving medication. In some cases, doctors prescribe medications that lead to adverse reactions, but other prescription medication-related problems are also common.  More about medical malpractice is available on our website. 

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