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Reviewing other examples of hospital negligence

As a patient, or as the relative of someone who is being treated in a medical facility, you expect hospital staff to do their best to prevent things from going wrong. Sadly, hospital negligence occurs far too often and causes a variety of hardships for victims, from physical pain and mental trauma to injuries and even the loss of life. At the Law Office of JoJene Mills, P.C., we know how devastating these cases can be for entire families in Pima, and in cities throughout the state of Arizona. Moreover, we firmly believe that victims of hospital negligence deserve a voice.

Surgical errors, medication mistakes and many other examples of medical malpractice are widely known. However, there are other types of hospital negligence that may not always receive as much attention. For example, you may have been physically or sexually abused by hospital staff. Or, perhaps you slipped and fell down because someone failed to clean up a spill or address a slippery surface and the fall caused you to suffer an injury. Regardless of the reason why you have suffered, if hospital negligence has caused you to experience physical or financial distress, you should go over your options and take a stand for your rights.

Sadly, some victims of hospital negligence stay quiet, whether they are too intimidated to speak out or are not aware of their rights. If you browse over to our medical malpractice page, you can read even more about some of the different types of medical professional negligence.

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