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June 2017 Archives

Signs of nursing home abuse

If you have a loved one in an Arizona nursing home, it is very important that you watch closely for signs of abuse. Since elderly patients must rely on their caregivers and sometimes have limited contact with the outside world, it can be easy for abuse to go unnoticed. We at the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills are committed to making sure your loved one is protected. We have provided this guide to detail some of the signs of abuse that can be difficult to spot.

Malpractice and TBIs

From traffic collisions to falling objects, there are many reasons why people of all ages sustain traumatic brain injuries. Sadly, many of these injuries affect children in Pima, and across Arizona. For parents, it is vital to understand potential hazards their children may encounter, such as potentially dangerous playground equipment and playground accidents. Unfortunately, these injuries may occur regardless of how cautious parents and their children are. The Law Office of JoJene Mills also knows that in some cases, children suffer a brain injury at the hands of a negligent medical professional.