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The problem of cancer misdiagnosis

When you go to a doctor in Arizona for something as serious as cancer, you are putting full trust of your health and, in some cases, your life in that medical professional’s hands. Sometimes, those hands might not be as experienced, knowledgeable or careful as you expect them to be. This fact is evidenced by the many cases of cancer misdiagnosis that have occurred each year across the state and around the country. We at The Law Offices of Jojene E. Mills can help if you have been a victim of cancer misdiagnosis.


Boston Magazine reports this type of failure to diagnose is more common than many people believe. Most doctors surveyed believed that the rates of mistake were between zero and 10 percent, yet researchers found that actual numbers may be as high as 28 percent. Since many doctors see dozens of patients every day, it can be easy to become overwhelmed, miss details or mix up information.


The main reasons that doctors stated cancers were misdiagnosed include insufficient information obtained at the time of diagnosis, mistakes in the pathology department and information that becomes disjointed as it transfers across the medical information systems. Wrong treatments and misdiagnoses are tied to a waste of nearly $700 billion each year in the medical system.


It also seems that certain cancers can cause you to be more likely to be misdiagnosed than others. Some of the most common include sarcomas, melanomas, breast cancer and, in the number one spot, lymphoma. If you or a loved one had these or any other cancers misdiagnosed, please visit our web page to learn more.

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