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Hypoxia and brain injuries

While brain injuries can often occur due to a severe blow to the head, such as in a vehicle crash or other accident, some people in Arizona experience damage to their brains because of a medical situation. When the flow of oxygen and therefore blood and nutrients to the brain is cut off, damage may occur. This is called hypoxia.

Hypoxia may be part of another situation that requires prompt medical attention or it may occur due to an actual error on the part of a health care professional. As explained by, brain cells begin to die within a mere 60 seconds of not receiving oxygen. The chance of permanent damage jumps greatly after three minutes. Within as little as 30 seconds, a patient may become unconscious.

Life with a brain injury varies greatly depending upon the severity of the injury experienced. According to WebMD, people with traumatic brain injuries may require many forms of treatment.

Prescriptions may be needed to manage chronic pain including headaches as well as to help people cope with the emotional side of living with a brain injury. Mental health support for depression or anxiety may also be part of the treatment regime. From a functional standpoint, people who have injured brains might need professional intervention to relearn how to do even the most basic of daily living activities such a getting dressed or making food. For these needs, physical and occupational therapy may be required. If a person's ability to communicate has been affected, speech therapy may also be ordered.





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