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Do I need a second opinion?

Have you been told by a doctor in Arizona that you have cancer or some other serious condition? Have you sought medical attention for ongoing problems only to be told by a provider that there is nothing wrong with you or been given a treatment plan that is not making any difference in your symptoms or experiences? These are just some of the circumstances that can and do happen to Arizona residents that may signal now is a good time to get the input of another doctor.

According to WebMD, many people may be hesitant to get the opinion of another doctor in part because they are concerned about upsetting or offending the first doctor. However, respectable and responsible practitioners would not only not be offended but would support your effort in getting other input. They know that every doctor has a different approach and are open to hearing other ideas.

When you are given a serious diagnoses, it is logical to consider other ideas. Even if a second doctor confirms the original diagnosis, there may be new thoughts on how to treat your condition. You may also end up feeling more confident in the recommendations provided by your first doctor after getting a second opinion.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to help give Arizona residents an idea of when it makes sense to seek a second medical opinion and how they may go about finding a provider from whom to get a second opinion.

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