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Attorney JoJene Mills addresses problem of hospital secrecy

Injuries caused by the negligence of hospital staff members can be particularly devastating. The fact is, if you were in the care of a hospital, it is almost certain that you were already suffering from some form of a malady, be it a physical injury or a medical condition. And additional harm caused by the hospital can make your condition that much worse.

If a staff member of a hospital is responsible for causing an injury, the hospital should be willing to admit the mistake and provide appropriate compensation. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and an injured patient may be forced to take on the hospital by filing a medical malpractice suit. But doing so can prove complicated.

In an article published by the Arizona Daily Star, attorney JoJene Mills says, "We can't study errors in the medical industry the way every other industry does." Ms. Mills goes on to describe how the medical industry works to keep its mistakes from seeing the light of day. She adds that this propensity for secrecy makes it more difficult to study and fix errors. Moreover, patients are denied the opportunity to make informed choices regarding healthcare providers and hospitals.

Allowing for greater access to information about patient injuries would provide benefits to everyone, patients and healthcare providers alike. But the industry remains resistant to change. This means that if you wish to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit, you could use the representation of an experienced attorney.

While a hospital may try to put up walls to prevent you from learning the details of your injury, an attorney can work on your behalf by analyzing your medical records and drawing from other resources to prove your case.

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