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December 2016 Archives

Poor communication in hospitals can lead to patient injuries

We all know how important it is to keep the lines of communication open in our own work lives. It is all too easy for a costly mistake to occur simply because a critical piece of information is not properly distributed among workers or if there is a misunderstanding within the ranks regarding a policy or process. And while effective communication processes are essential in all businesses, they are absolutely critical in the healthcare industry. Specifically, a communication breakdown within a hospital could result in a patient being seriously or even fatally injured.

Getting a second opinion can help ensure you get proper care

When we visit a doctor for an examination, we tend to trust his or her assessment. This is because doctors are trained professionals and their opinions are based on years of medical training and practice. But no doctor is infallible and everyone is capable of making a mistake. The problem is that there can be serious consequences if a doctor makes an error when diagnosing a patient.