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Medical injuries can cause psychological trauma

Being seriously injured is always a traumatic experience. The effects of a physical injury can leave deep emotional wounds, some of which may never fully heal. And the psychological effects can be made even worse if the injury occurred in a place where the victim felt safe and secure. Such events can fill a victim's head with thoughts that no safe quarters exist and threats are looming everywhere.

A hospital is one place where people need to believe they are sheltered from harm. And doctors and other attending health care professionals are typically viewed as guardians who are tasked with protecting the health and well-being of their patients. And if one of these guardians should cause an injury due to making an error or through negligence, the patient could be saddled with unshakable feelings of betrayal, grief, depression and even guilt.

According to a doctor who specializes in addressing issues faced by patients in the aftermath of being harmed, injury survivors can suffer from a variety of maladies. Physical symptoms can include such things as sleeplessness and headaches. Psychologically, an injured patient may experience depression, anger or drug abuse issues. A patient may even feel that he or she was in some measure responsible for the injury.

If you have suffered a medical injury, you may require a level of compensation that covers more than just your physical treatment. You may also need mental health care as well. And an experienced medical malpractice attorney could act on your behalf as you pursue appropriate recompense. The attorney can assess your injuries and your needs and work toward getting you a settlement that will prove satisfactory.

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