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Why is it so hard to get information about hospital negligence?

When you enter a hospital for care, you expect to be given every piece of pertinent information regarding your treatment. By being informed, you have a greater understanding of what to expect during your stay, which can provide you with a sense of empowerment. And hopefully, all will go as planned and your treatment will be successful.

But what if something goes wrong and you suffer an injury during your stay? Don't you have the same right to have critical information about what happened? Well, frustratingly, the answer is "no." This is because although when medical mistakes occur, hospitals must report them to a variety of government agencies, this information is not made available to the public.

For example, if a doctor or other medical professional is subject to serious disciplinary action by a hospital, hospital officials must submit a report to the National Practitioner Data Bank. The U.S. Congress created this database to help keep negligent doctors who have lost their licenses from moving to other states to practice. But the names and employers of these medical professionals are kept private by law.

Ideally, the medical profession would be far more inclined to embrace openness and transparency regarding injuries that occur in hospitals. Unfortunately, critical information is often kept hidden behind a governmental wall of secrecy. This means that attempting to get to the truth about a hospital injury can be extremely difficult.

It is for this reason that if you are pursuing justice for an act of hospital negligence, you can really use the investigative skills of an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Attorneys can use all of the legal tools at their disposal to secure the information that is needed to build a successful lawsuit.

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