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August 2016 Archives

Why is it so hard to get information about hospital negligence?

When you enter a hospital for care, you expect to be given every piece of pertinent information regarding your treatment. By being informed, you have a greater understanding of what to expect during your stay, which can provide you with a sense of empowerment. And hopefully, all will go as planned and your treatment will be successful.

A doctor's failure to listen can cost a patient his or her life

If you visit a doctor because you believe you may have a medical issue, you may tend to accept the diagnosis that he or she gives you. This makes sense in that the doctor is a trained professional and should be able to figure out whether your condition requires treatment. But the fact is that doctors, as educated as they may be, are still human beings and can make mistakes. For this reason, the next time you see a doctor for an examination, you want to pay attention to his or her method of forming your diagnosis.