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Falls occur in nursing homes with alarming frequency

With the passing of time, we all lose our strength and dexterity. Our muscles weaken and our bones become brittle. In short, everyone who lives long enough will one day be physically fragile and in need of assistance. And perhaps you are facing this reality as you have watched one of your loved ones enter a nursing home to receive the care he or she needs. As a resident of an elder care facility, your loved one should be properly monitored, and the environment should be as free of potential hazards as possible.

Falling represents one of the greatest dangers faced by older people. At an advanced age, it is far easier for a person to fall and suffer an injury. Such injuries can cause severe or permanent damage.

And falls in nursing homes may be more common than you imagine. According to the Centers for Disease Control, on average, nursing home patients experience 2.6 falls per year. And every year around 1,800 patients lose their lives due to injuries caused by falls.

There are a number of possible causes of falls in nursing homes. Often, patients fall due to their own physical liabilities such as muscle weakness. But environmental factors, such a poor lighting, wet floors and defective wheelchairs can also play a role. Moreover, nursing home patients are often on medications that could affect their strength, balance, and judgment.

An older person can be devastated by injuries suffered in a fall. As such, it is incumbent upon nursing homes to do all their power to minimize the chances of their patients experiencing falls. If your loved one should suffer a fall that you suspect was due to negligence on behalf of the nursing home staff, you may want to have an experienced medical malpractice attorney look into the matter. The attorney could perform an investigation in an effort to determine the true cause of the accident and help you decide if the circumstances merit the pursuit of legal actions.

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