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July 2016 Archives

Brain injuries can seriously impair communication skills

Any kind of serious injury could permanently alter the course of a victim's life. But with most injuries, the victim will still be able to retain his or her ability to communicate and socialize meaningfully with others. However, in some cases, a traumatic brain injury can rob a victim of his or her personality and make holding a simple conversation extremely difficult.

Falls occur in nursing homes with alarming frequency

With the passing of time, we all lose our strength and dexterity. Our muscles weaken and our bones become brittle. In short, everyone who lives long enough will one day be physically fragile and in need of assistance. And perhaps you are facing this reality as you have watched one of your loved ones enter a nursing home to receive the care he or she needs. As a resident of an elder care facility, your loved one should be properly monitored, and the environment should be as free of potential hazards as possible.