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Most physicians are sued by the time they reach age 60

One aspect to remember about the world of medical care and medical malpractice is that most physicians, doctors and medical professionals are good people who perform their jobs immaculately. This doesn't free them from the occasional mistake -- but it is recognition that most medical professionals work very hard and try even harder to help their patients.

Every once and a while, though, mistakes will be made and it will dramatically affect the way that patient lives his or her life from there on out. These mistakes will be made by most medical professionals, as a recent survey demonstrated.

According to the survey, by the time physicians had reached the age of 60, about 80 percent of them had been involved in a lawsuit at some point in their career. The survey also identified the three most common reasons that these physicians were sued: failure to diagnose (33 percent), abnormal injury suffered (31 percent) and failure to treat (12 percent).

An overwhelming amount of physicians are sued because they either failed to diagnose a medical condition, or they failed to treat it. That's a shocking realization, and it demonstrates that even the (seemingly) simplest part of a medical professional's job is aggravatingly difficult to complete.

People trust their doctors, and they expect that when they go to the hospital or a medical facility that they will be treated fairly and given the utmost care. But sometimes, that doesn't happen. Victims of medical malpractice need to consider the legal side of their case because the medical costs and side effects that accompany poor medical care shouldn't go unpunished.

Source: Hospital Review, "Top 3 reasons for medical malpractice lawsuits," Emily Rappleye, Dec. 9, 2015

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