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December 2015 Archives

What is a mild traumatic brain injury?

Stories of traumatic brain injuries in Pima likely bring up thoughts of people suffering severe neurological damage that either leaves them in a persistent vegetative state or reliant on around-the clock care for the rest of their lives. However, such severe injuries make up very little of the overall percentage of TBI’s suffered in the U.S. The vast majority of these injuries fall into the category of mild traumatic brain injuries. This fact may prompt you to ask what are MTBI’s, and what sort of toll can they exact on your life should you suffer from one.

Most physicians are sued by the time they reach age 60

One aspect to remember about the world of medical care and medical malpractice is that most physicians, doctors and medical professionals are good people who perform their jobs immaculately. This doesn't free them from the occasional mistake -- but it is recognition that most medical professionals work very hard and try even harder to help their patients.

If you are medically wronged, what should you do?

Let's say that you are treated at a medical facility after suffering some sort of medical emergency. The severity of the medical emergency could be minor in nature, or it could be incredibly serious. But in any case, mistakes are made on the part of the medical professionals involved and you suffer even more than just the symptoms of your medical condition as a result.