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New study sheds light on medication errors during surgery

A new study performer by Harvard researchers found an unsettling number of drug medication errors during surgery. According to the study which looked at 277 surgeries, 124 of them involved some type of drug medication error. These errors range from incorrect drug used, to an incorrect dosage of the drug, to improperly documenting what drug was used and many others in between.

The study also found that of 3,675 administrations of medicine to a patient, 193 errors and "adverse drug events" were recorded. 80 percent of those 193 errors or "adverse drug events" were preventable, according to researchers.

This study point to a few things inherent to the complicated surgery process. The first is that drug applications in the operating room are clearly not performed as well as they could. This also leads to another point about surgery, which is that the stressful and complex circumstances of an operation could play a huge role in a medical professional's ability to administer drugs in the correct way.

This study also seems to indicate that drugs aren't properly labeled sometimes, which means that maybe a new branding process is necessary to help medical professionals correctly identify medicine.

So much can go wrong during surgery -- and yet, so much can also go right. Surgery is necessary for so many people and it can help them get well after a traumatic injury or illness. But those botched surgeries have the opposite effect. They send a person's life spiraling downwards, and they deserve justice for the substandard medical care they received.

Source: CBS News, "Medication errors during surgery common, study finds," Alan Mozes, Oct. 26, 2015

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