Wrongful Death

Tucson Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have lost a loved one and believe that it happened because of someone's negligence, you need representation by a lawyer experienced in handling complex personal injury cases. You also need a lawyer who understands the difficult financial and emotional problems you may face. At the Tucson, Arizona, Law Office of JoJene Mills, P.C. , I have been helping families recover from the wrongful death of a loved one for more than 20 years. I use my experience and skill to bring strong cases, getting the best possible results for my clients.

Make sure the lawyer you choose is equipped to handle complex matters in your wrongful death case. You can look at my page "FAQs - Choosing a Lawyer " for more information.

I understand that survivors face more than the emotional loss of a loved one. Many surviving spouses wonder how they will support their families alone. They are left with large, unpaid medical bills. More than that, they are often left with the worry that this harm could happen to someone else if no one is held accountable. At the Law Office of JoJene Mills, P.C. , I help them get compensation so their families can move forward such as compensation for lost earnings, medical expenses caused by negligence, and emotional loss. I work hard to make sure that justice is served: that people are held responsible for the wrongful death of your loved one.

What Is a Wrongful Death Case?

In some personal injury cases, the harm caused by negligence was death. These are called "wrongful death" cases, no matter what kinds of negligence were involved. If the death was caused by a bicycle accident, a car accident, medical malpractice or any other negligence, it is still called a wrongful death case and special rules apply to the claim. These rules include limits on who can bring a wrongful death claim. For example, under Arizona law, the survivors who can present a claim for wrongful death are unfortunately limited to parents, a spouse and children (including adopted children).

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