Uninsured / Underinsured Auto Insurance Claims

Tucson Uninsured Motorist Accident Lawyer

Life after a car accident can be difficult. Things are sometimes permanently changed. You may face physical pain, medical bills, missed work and the stress of dealing with it all. These car accident injuries are often amplified by a lack of insurance, potentially limiting the amount you could recover from a lawsuit. At the Tucson, Arizona, Law Office of JoJene Mills, P.C. , over 20 years of law practice has taught me how to be resourceful when you are involved in a claim against an uninsured motorist or an underinsured motorist. I pay attention to every detail to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

What If There Is Not Enough Insurance to Cover My Injuries?

If you were injured in a car accident, unfortunately, it is often true that the person who was negligent doesn't have very much car insurance. When they don't, it may be possible to collect for your harm from their personal assets. This is a complicated, difficult process that often requires an experienced lawyer. It is only made more difficult by the fact that many people do not have substantial assets.

Uninsured motorist claims: When the negligent person is uninsured or underinsured, your own car insurance may give you some additional security. This is through insurance coverage called "Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage" or "UM/UIM." If that insurance is available, your lawyer will gather and present evidence of your uninsured motorist claim to your own insurance company in a procedure that is similar to presenting your claim to the other driver's insurance.

As an experienced attorney, I know that it is my job to understand every possible means to help compensate you as fairly and completely as possible. It is also my job to help you to understand how all these kinds of insurance fit together and what you can expect to recover. That's why I take time with my clients. I make sure to look at every detail of the case, and I sit down with you to go over all your options. I make sure that nothing is overlooked. My goal is to ensure that the choices we make together are the best ones for you.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance is probably the most important kind of insurance you can carry because it is what protects you if you are injured. Unfortunately, in Arizona, you can only carry as much uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance as you do liability insurance. Often people cut corners and fail to carry enough to adequately protect themselves.

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