Bicycle Accidents

Tucson Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Arizona is the bicycle rider's heaven. We have excellent weather, beautiful scenery and miles of open roads. Unfortunately, we also have cities with poor accommodations for bikes and car drivers who fail to understand how to "share the road." These circumstances combine to produce far too many bicycle accidents.

Make sure the lawyer you choose is equipped to handle complex matters in your bicycling accident case. You can look at my page "FAQs - Choosing a Lawyer " for more information.

At the Law Office of JoJene Mills, P.C., located in Tucson, Arizona, I have been helping injured bike riders for more than 20 years. My clients have suffered bike injuries like broken bones, shoulder injuries and head injuries despite helmet use. Many were forced to stop riding their bikes. I have helped them recover from these injuries, achieving many successful outcomes in the courtroom and in settlements.

The Law on Bicycle Accidents

Just like in a car accident, if you were injured on your bike because of a negligent driver or a poorly designed or maintained roadway, you may have a claim against the negligent person's car insurance. You might not know that you may also be able to collect under your own car insurance, even though you weren't driving your car at that time. This might be because of an uninsured/underinsured motorist situation.

Bicycle Accident Attorney Who Knows That You Deserve a Shared Road

Just like in any car accident, my job as your lawyer is to make sure your claim is persuasively presented to the responsible party's insurance company or, if necessary, to the court and jury. My staff and I will follow your medical treatment, gather evidence, hire the right experts when necessary, and act as your advocate in every step of the process.

When you have been injured on your bike, I know talking to an experienced lawyer about your rights can help you understand the law so that you can decide on the best course of action. Talk to me about your bicycle accident. For a free initial consultation, contact my Tucson law firm at 866.529.3201.