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The problem of overdiagnosis

While you may have heard of instances in Arizona of diseases not being diagnosed by doctors, there is another form of medical malpractice you may not be familiar with. Just as some conditions are not detected by doctors through a failure to diagnose, conversely some people will actually be overdiagnosed, or diagnosed for a disease or condition they do not possess.

How common is medical misdiagnosis?

When you visit a doctor or specialist in Arizona, you have little choice other than to place your faith in the hands of the professional you have entrusted with diagnosing you. Because medical professionals are held to such high standards, and because they have to go through so much schooling to practice medicine, many people think that physicians are immune from making mistakes.

Why are children so difficult to diagnose?

When your child is sick, you trust your Arizona pediatrician to ask the right questions, run the right tests, and then come up with an effective treatment plan. However, in many cases, a parent's trust may be misplaced. According to, one insurance company providing medical malpractice policies to pediatricians revealed that 61 percent of the claims against these doctors were for a wrong diagnosis.

The problem with a mental health misdiagnosis

While a misdiagnosis of any type can be dangerous to your health, mistakes in the area of your mental health can have severe consequences. These errors can also be fairly common in Arizona, since your emotional and psychological state can be strongly affected by the events that happened during the day and how you felt about them. If you have been a victim of a mental health misdiagnosis and suffered these side effects, we at the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills can fight for your rights and ensure you are given the compensation you deserve.

The 2 most common reasons patients sue doctors

If you are an Arizona resident who has ever questioned whether what your physician was telling you was the absolute truth, you are not alone. Despite their considerable training, medical professionals are not immune to error, but when lives are on the line, they have a duty to “do no harm” and do everything possible to give you an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. At the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills, PC, we have a firm understanding of the reasons patients often sue doctors and hospitals, and we have helped many victims of misdiagnoses and other medical errors seek recourse.

Why bipolar disorder is difficult to diagnose

If you are struggling with a mental health concerns in Arizona, you may be surprised to find that many doctors do not correctly diagnose bipolar disorder. Receiving an incorrect diagnosis can lead to additional problems that can occur when you are not receiving proper treatment. We at the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills are here to help you fight for your rights if you have been incorrectly diagnosed and ensure that you receive the compensation and care that you deserve.

The problem of cancer misdiagnosis

When you go to a doctor in Arizona for something as serious as cancer, you are putting full trust of your health and, in some cases, your life in that medical professional’s hands. Sometimes, those hands might not be as experienced, knowledgeable or careful as you expect them to be. This fact is evidenced by the many cases of cancer misdiagnosis that have occurred each year across the state and around the country. We at The Law Offices of Jojene E. Mills can help if you have been a victim of cancer misdiagnosis.

Medical malpractice in Arizona

Have you or someone you loved ever felt concerned about the quality of health care you have received by an Arizona provider or facility? If so, you know how scary this experience can be. It is important for you to be proactive about your health and the quality of care you receive to maintain or achieve that health. From proper and timely diagnoses to appropriate treatment when needed and beyond, you deserve these things. When this does not happen, you may need to consider legal action.

Do I need a second opinion?

Have you been told by a doctor in Arizona that you have cancer or some other serious condition? Have you sought medical attention for ongoing problems only to be told by a provider that there is nothing wrong with you or been given a treatment plan that is not making any difference in your symptoms or experiences? These are just some of the circumstances that can and do happen to Arizona residents that may signal now is a good time to get the input of another doctor.

Women more likely to receive a wrong diagnosis for heart disease

Obviously, men and women differ biologically in many ways. And it would stand to reason that these differences would always be taken into account when a woman seeks a diagnosis for a medical condition. Yet, according to the results of research conducted by the American Heart Association, this is not always the case when it comes to examining women for possible heart attack symptoms.