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Do not just assume your provider's hands are clean

While the hospitals and medical centers in Pima and the surrounding areas are looked to as places of healing, you have likely also heard stories of how people have acquired illnesses and infections stemming from visits to such facilities. The clients that we here at The Law Office of Jojene Mills, P.C. have worked with after having dealt with such issues often express surprise that one of the major sources of hospital-acquired infections are not the conditions of such facilities, but the caregivers found therein. You might automatically assume that hand hygiene is not something you have to worry about when dealing with healthcare professionals, yet you may be surprised as how clean the hands treating you truly are. 

Are emergency room delays dangerous?

You have likely visited an Arizona emergency room and seen how busy it was. In emergency rooms, the most critical patients are seen first. However, when there are a lot of patients to be seen, sometimes even serious situations do not get the attention they require. This can lead to problems and even become a dangerous situation. 

Knowing your risk of hospital-acquired infections

Most doctors, nurses and other staffmembers in Arizona hospitals do their best to ensure that your health is the number one priority when you are a patient, but mistakes and negligence can lead to injuries, disease and even death. Hospital-acquired infections are more common than they should be and are often simply prevented by sufficient disinfecting and sterilizing. We at the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills have outlined the factors that can increase your chances of developing this type of infection.

Reviewing other examples of hospital negligence

As a patient, or as the relative of someone who is being treated in a medical facility, you expect hospital staff to do their best to prevent things from going wrong. Sadly, hospital negligence occurs far too often and causes a variety of hardships for victims, from physical pain and mental trauma to injuries and even the loss of life. At the Law Office of JoJene Mills, P.C., we know how devastating these cases can be for entire families in Pima, and in cities throughout the state of Arizona. Moreover, we firmly believe that victims of hospital negligence deserve a voice.

Signs of nursing home abuse

If you have a loved one in an Arizona nursing home, it is very important that you watch closely for signs of abuse. Since elderly patients must rely on their caregivers and sometimes have limited contact with the outside world, it can be easy for abuse to go unnoticed. We at the Law Office of Jojene E. Mills are committed to making sure your loved one is protected. We have provided this guide to detail some of the signs of abuse that can be difficult to spot.

Can a hospital stay worsen your health?

As someone in need of medical care in Arizona, you are literally putting your life into the hands of the people working at your hospital. While these institutions and people work hard to help those in need, there are unfortunately some cases in which they might be doing more harm than good.

What are the most common types of nursing home abuse?

When you check your loved one into a nursing home in Arizona, you trust that the doctors and staff will do their best to provide the ultimate care and protection. Unfortunately, in some cases this is not true. Nursing home abuse is a startling problem that seems to occur in every location and can happen to anyone. Being aware of the types of abuse can make it easier for you to spot it if it happens to someone you love.

Attorney JoJene Mills addresses problem of hospital secrecy

Injuries caused by the negligence of hospital staff members can be particularly devastating. The fact is, if you were in the care of a hospital, it is almost certain that you were already suffering from some form of a malady, be it a physical injury or a medical condition. And additional harm caused by the hospital can make your condition that much worse.

Poor communication in hospitals can lead to patient injuries

We all know how important it is to keep the lines of communication open in our own work lives. It is all too easy for a costly mistake to occur simply because a critical piece of information is not properly distributed among workers or if there is a misunderstanding within the ranks regarding a policy or process. And while effective communication processes are essential in all businesses, they are absolutely critical in the healthcare industry. Specifically, a communication breakdown within a hospital could result in a patient being seriously or even fatally injured.