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Malpractice and TBIs

From traffic collisions to falling objects, there are many reasons why people of all ages sustain traumatic brain injuries. Sadly, many of these injuries affect children in Pima, and across Arizona. For parents, it is vital to understand potential hazards their children may encounter, such as potentially dangerous playground equipment and playground accidents. Unfortunately, these injuries may occur regardless of how cautious parents and their children are. The Law Office of JoJene Mills also knows that in some cases, children suffer a brain injury at the hands of a negligent medical professional.

Hypoxia and brain injuries

While brain injuries can often occur due to a severe blow to the head, such as in a vehicle crash or other accident, some people in Arizona experience damage to their brains because of a medical situation. When the flow of oxygen and therefore blood and nutrients to the brain is cut off, damage may occur. This is called hypoxia.

A child may exhibit a variety of symptoms after a brain injury

If your child suffers a serious blow to the head, which causes a traumatic brain injury, he or she may be forced to spend time away from school while recovering. And if the injury is truly severe, both you and the child may be facing many new challenges when he or she is cleared to return to class.

All brain injury symptoms must be taken seriously

Your every move, thought, emotion, breath, and expression is a result of signals sent from your brain. Your ability to function on a day-to-day basis is contingent upon your brain being active and alert to your surroundings. And if you should suffer a brain injury, any one of your vital abilities could be compromised or even completely shut down.

A variety of professionals may be needed to treat a brain injury

Recovery from a brain injury can be a long-term proposition. A brain injury can affect a person's physical coordination, emotional well-being, verbal skills and other important functions. And this means after suffering a brain injury, a person may need to receive treatment from a host of healthcare professionals.

Surgical procedure to reduce brain swelling carries risks

When a person suffers a serious head injury, he or she must receive medical care as soon as possible. If an injured patient's brain is swelling, it may be possible to treat the condition with medications. However, if medications fail to do the job, a neurosurgeon may opt to try an intriguing, but potentially dangerous procedure called decompressive craniectomy.

Brain injuries can seriously impair communication skills

Any kind of serious injury could permanently alter the course of a victim's life. But with most injuries, the victim will still be able to retain his or her ability to communicate and socialize meaningfully with others. However, in some cases, a traumatic brain injury can rob a victim of his or her personality and make holding a simple conversation extremely difficult.

Error during surgery could induce coma

When a patient must undergo surgery, his or her life is literally in the hands of the attending doctor and staff. In most cases, everything goes as planned and the patient receives a proper medical attention. Unfortunately, sometimes surgical errors occur that lead to tragic results.